It is all about the fit

Pants are designed to fit loosely, not Baggy, but not skin tight. The fit of my Pants is very generous. In other words a little bigger than industry standards. If you normally take a Med, you might take my Small.

Leggings are designed to fit tighter, but also not skin tight. (Leggings MUST not fit SKIN/WETSUIT TIGHT)


We do go down to an XXXS in my pants, which is not the norm in the Industry. We found that from a Small up, it does not make such a big difference in the leg, but from Small Down, it does. Our XXXS is equal to the industry XS (Size 28/30). Very little grading from Small to XS, from XS to XXS and from XXS to XXXS. It is all in the Leg

The BAND is a good guideline, If your band roll, it is too tight

Industry standards for Pants inside leg length 82cm long and ¾ 61cm

Leggings inside leg 71cm long (this is quite long), 50cm ¾ , 8cm Shorts and 18cm Longer Shorts

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Size charts

Pants with Fold over Waistband for Comfort

XXXS = Sizes 28, 30

XXS = Sizes 32

XS = Sizes 34

S = Sizes 34, 36

M = Sizes 36, 38

L = Sizes 38, 40

XL = Sizes 42, 44

XXL = Sizes 46, 48

XXXL = Sizes 50, 52 and bottom end of 54

NB: Please note, the size chart below is just a GUIDELINE

Leggings with Foldover Waistband for Comfort

XS = Sizes 28, 30

S = Sizes 32 bottom end of 34

M = Sizes 34 bottom end of 36

L = Sizes 36 bottom end of 38

XL = Sizes 38 bottom end of 40

XXL = Sizes 40 bottom end of 42

XXXL = Sizes 42 bottom end of 44